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Whole self balancing means feeling balanced from the physical level all the way to the energetic and emotional dimensions. I often combine two or more therapies to give you the best result possible, and encourage you to read from the tabs on the left to learn more about the various methods I use and teach. Below are a few questions to help you get started and I look forward to seeing you at Northern Lights Massage very soon.
  • Do you have low back pain, neck pain, pain in general? All the therapies will work, especially the NST, CoAT and Craniosacral Therapy used in combination
  • Would you like to find out what is really the causing your symptoms? The Body Code and Emotion Code will show you the root cause
  • Would you REALLY like to change your life? The Access Consciousness Bars and Now Healing can definitely help you
  • Would you like to enjoy more flexibility? Mini-lessons created for you from the "Teachings of Moshe" are take-homes that you can do at work or at home
  • Do you have edema? Manual Lymph Drainage and CoAt work wonderfully for this

‚ÄčClick here to book your appointment online.   

Click here to book a long distance Body Code session. Scroll to the bottom of the page for purchase options.

$90 per session (includes GST) - payment accepted cash, cheque or debit. 

New Masterful Healer class beginning in September with Introductory Classes on July 11, Aug 8 and 22 at 7 PM here at the clinic.  This is for you if you've been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease or have a chronic condition or mystery illness or simply just don't feel good and want to get better.  Click here for more details and come to one of these Introductory sessions to see if it's a fit for you. 

Beginners Guide To Energy Healing Classes will resume in Sept. 

Join my blog,, HERE!  I like writing articles about the latest and greatest information for your balancing.  Latest posting is "Sleep, sleep, beautiful sleep!"

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If you have any questions or would like more information please do not hesitate to contact me;

Lou Kurjata, RMT (BC)

Phone: 250-782-6631     Email:

853- 106 Avenue, Dawson Creek, BC  V1G 2N6