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Whole self balancing means feeling balanced from the physical level all the way through to the energetic and emotional levels. I often combine two or more therapies to give you the best result possible, and encourage you to read from the tabs on the left to learn more about the various methods I use and teach.

In particular, I like using Moving With Ease, both as a stand-alone session or as a rehab method instead of stretching, as I know that this particular form of healing has the most profound results in the least amount of time AND you always can repeat what you experience at home.  


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$90 per session (includes GST) - payment accepted cash, cheque or debit. 

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Move With Ease Classes

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Daytime classes are on Mondays  10-11 AM.  Evening class is on Thursdays  at 7-8 PM.  Cost is $15 or you can buy a bundle of 4 for $50 (savings of $10).  These classes will be held at Inner Peace Fitness and Yoga (corner of 10th and Alaska Ave.)


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If you have any questions or would like more information please do not hesitate to contact me;

Lou Kurjata, RMT (BC)

Phone: 250-782-6631     Email:

853- 106 Avenue, Dawson Creek, BC  V1G 2N6