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If you are feeling desperate, have tried everything else and just don't know where to turn anymore - then, you are in the right place!  Whole self balancing means feeling balanced from the physical level all the way through to the energetic and emotional levels. That headache you can't get rid of might be more than just skeletal misalignment.  That backache might be related to viral issues or digestive issues. 

The Body Code* takes care of finding the underlying cause to any imbalances using muscle testing and the charts created by Dr Bradley Nelson, Naturopath and Chiropractor. We can test for food sensitivities and supplement needs. We can reset your diet so that you get healthy.  We can release any emotions or beliefs that are underpinning any imbalance using this method or any of the others that I've been trained in.  
The Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST), Course of Applied Tensegrity (fascial therapy) and Craniosacral Therapy take care of the physical rebalancing along with therapeutic massage.  Move With Ease (based on the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education) sessions are an awesome way of finding out how you habitually use yourself - often in ways that lead you to the point of pain. Mini-lessons are created for your home-care so you can find balance all day long.
Click on the tabs to find out more about what is available here - your session is fine-tuned to rebalance you - physically, emotionally and energetically.  As a bonus, you will learn how to do a lot of this for yourself!
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$90 per session (includes GST) - payment accepted cash, cheque, debit or e-transfer. 

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Move With Ease Classes

To find out more about these classes, click here!

Daytime classes are on Mondays  3:30-4:30 PM and 5:30-6:30 PM.   Cost is $10.  These classes will be held at Inner Peace Fitness and Yoga (corner of 10th and Alaska Ave.)

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If you have any questions or would like more information please do not hesitate to contact me;

Lou Kurjata, RMT (BC)

Phone: 250-782-6631     Email:

853- 106 Avenue, Dawson Creek, BC  V1G 2N6


*Disclaimer: The information contained in these materials is intended for personal use and not for the practice of any healing art, except where permitted by law. No representation contained in these materials is intended as medical advice and should not be used for diagnosis or medical treatment.