Lou Kurjata ~ Catalyst for Health, Healing and Awakening

Course of Applied Tensegrity (CoAT)


Ever have that feeling that no matter how much you stretch you still feel tight?

                                         Then, this method is for you!


"Complimentary forces suspended within a base foundation of 3 create unlimited tension integrity."

Tensegrity designs allow a dynamic system of movement where the whole moves the part and the part moves the whole and the circle is unbroken.


The CoAT method helps the body unwind itself with the greatest of ease for both the person receiving and the therapist using the skin as the area of focus.  CoAT will re-establish optimum fluid flow throughout the body - influencing lymph and blood flow - allowing for increased nutritional exchange at the cellular level.  Healing begins when the body is open!

Just as this video demonstrates, it takes so little to accomplish so much!