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- must have treatment with a BC Registered Massage Therapist
- form is filled out by your adjustor before you come to this clinic

ICBC will consider payment of massage therapy only when it is required due to injuries sustained from an accident and is essential for the rehabilitation of an insured.  In order to be considered for payment, the treating physician must diagnose, prescribe areas of treatment and will be asked to monitor/reassess the progress in relation to the functional goals defined by the physician.

Upon receipt of a physician's referral note,  ICBC may pay a maximum of 12 visits within the first 8 weeks from the date of loss (accident).  Treatment outside of these timeframes will not be paid.

ICBC will pay a rate of $23 per visit.


This rate of $23 per visit will allow you 20 minutes of treatment.   At my clinic, I allow my clients to choose whether they want this option or they can choose to have a full session of 45 minutes ($80 per visit) and pay for the difference themselves ($57) which is claimable against most extended health plans they might have.   Most clients opt for the latter.

When you come for a treatment, you will need to provide me with your doctor's referral, your filled-in ICBC payment guide form from your adjustor and your Care Card number.

Then, make your choice as to the length of your sessions and we will begin.